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that mr. obama won four years ago and obviously it's critical for mr. romney to start picking up some of those blue states and turning them red in this cycle. and tomorrow of course we're going to be going to wisconsin and ohio, bill, ohio, the state that everybody has watched as the bell weather that will ultimately determine if not for shadow who will win and there president obama has a lead in the "real clear politics" average of 2.3 points. the romney campaign has a couple of arguments to suggest they can win ohio. that is a margin of error race as opposed to the average of the polls an and among independents romney has a significant lead in ohio and they say that could ultimately turn the tie tide. ultimately john kerry loss to george w bush. george bush was the incumbent president with you they say ohio under reports how the candidate is doing and there is plenty of room for mitt romney's ground game to put him over-the-top in ohio and get him to the 270 needed tuesday night. bill: back in the same part of virginia where they have been for the last couple of months. the presiden
, president obama, mitt romney, are going to fan out across the battleground states over the next four days. both candidates will spend lots of time in ohio, because as ali pointed out, it's a dead heat. president, three events there. he's going to be talking jobs, and a national public radio poll 57% of those surveyed said economic issues are the most likely to affect their vote. cnn's brienne into keilar is live in grove city, ohio, this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, cole dad. we do know that president obama will be addressing those jobs numbers when he speaks here. actually i should say, we are in hilliard, ohio, very close to grove city, just outside of columbus. so we know that he'll be addressing those jobs numbers. the big complication for him would be if the numbers were worse than expected. especially if they tick up to 8%, because that was an important sort of mental hurdle that the country cleared last month. and then for mitt romney, obviously, the complication would be if they're better than expected, because he's been making the argument that this economic rec
. they're going to kick off this four-day road rally with romney as sort of an alliterative way of focusing on the states. they're folk you cusing the hom in ohio. 100 surrogates will attend. and from there they launch this final four-day sprint. >> all right, garrett, thank you very much, covering the romney campaign. and president obama is scheduled to arrive in nevada from wisconsin in just over an hour from now. after a campaign event in las vegas, he'll head to colorado. white house correspondent kristen welker is live in las vegas for us. obviously folks have not shown up there yet. the president arriving soon. let's talk about the strategy, hitting up nevada, wisconsin, i believe, was one of the campaign officials who said that wisconsin is in play now because of paul ryan, but they are still fighting it out there. >> reporter: absolutely. it's significant that president obama is stopping in wisconsin. he made a stop there earlier today in green bay really making his final argument, if you will, tamron. all you need to do is look at the president's campaign schedule to kn
to ignore governor romney's business advice when he said detroit should go bankrupt. now america, we are building the best cars on earth. four years ago i promised to end the war in iraq and we did. i promised that we would begin the transition in afghanistan, and we are. i said we would go after the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11, and thanks to the brave men and women in uniform, the courage of our navy seals, al qaeda is on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> president obama at a middle school in nashua, new hampshire there. spending a fair amount of time talking about governor romney's record. also spent time basically laying out why he doesn't think governor romney would be a friend of middle class in this country, and got quite the applause with his birther joke there in front of the crowd. kristen walker has been traveling with the president. let's talk about the energy there and the size of that crowd. can you give us an idea about both of those things? >> well, we haven't gotten an official crowd count yet, craig. i can tell you that the crowd here is certa
in the midwest and number four in the country? in terms of romney, look, what i want out of a president is i want stability. look, small businesses get , paralyzed. if they don't know what the regulations are, if they don't no what the taxes are going to be. if they don't know what they're going to do with debt. if they don't know what the people in washington are going to do. they sit on the sidelines. i want certainty. i think there's ways to get an agreement in washington. but it doesn't have to mean higher rates.e it can mean lower rates and eliminating loopholes. we've got to get off of overregulating small businesses. if we get that, we'll grow. what will we get out of him? a movement towards a balanced budget. a stabilization of taxes and for some people, a tax cut. and we will have regulators that will use common sense and not overdo it. we have strong regulations here on oil and gas that on fracking, the toughest in the country, but we don't overdo it when people understand certainty, they invest, david look this is not theory. i fwhas business for ten years, we had a lot of people aroun
up four senate seats to gain control. if romney wins they need to pick up three. >> all politics is local. this year may be no politics is local. a national trend. all of the marginal states tip the same way. but the republicans going in, defending only ten seats, attacking 23, it should have been easier for them than this. >> andrew sullivan, so much discussion it turns out on rape with aiken and mourdock. >> that's interesting. will the republicans interpret their results in the senate with the function of them moving way far to the right. in interpret that, there might be hope. i'm supporting president obama to keep the republican party from being completely insane. but, mourdock and aiken are the lead stories. >> nicolle, aiken may cost them a senate seat in missouri. >> probably will. >> there's this senate seat in massachusetts. >> she's not so crazy. vote for president obama and vote for me. folks involved in the senate race on the national level it's working. it's tightened her race. the other thing about connecticut is when our lights go out they stay out. it's like, you
the sort of big change agenda that he did four years ago. i've seen romney make gestures at it, but not really lay it out in a way that's forceful. i think that would make a change, want to do actual change. >> let me continue that theme. i want to pick up there as we turn to the democratic governor of battleground colorado, john hickenlooper, and the republican governor, paul ryan's home state of wisconsin, scott walker. governors, welcome back to "meet the press," both of you. >> glad to be back. >> hi, david. >> both states are pretty tight here, pretty remarkable that wisconsin is tight, as well, good news for romney. a republican hasn't won your state since 1984. and in colorado, governor hickenlooper, look at our latest polling from nbc news and marist. 48-48. i know from talking to the obama campaign they think it's not that close. they think they have an edge, but they know it's tight. governor hickenlooper, you start, what's decisive? what tips the scales in your state and in this election? >> well, i think if you look at the mess that president obama inherited and i m
but substantial, if you look at that 51%, four-point lead over romney. sitting there at 51%-47%. in ohio, two polls. first "the cincinnati inquirer" shows the race tied at 49-49. it should be noted, however, that a majority of this poll was conducted before the third debate. it does a fine poll, but at that point in time, both campaigns believed the race was tighter than it is now. now the romney campaign has another opinion about where the ohio race is today. cnn poll has ohio with the president leading by four points, essentially unchanged from earlier this month. that poll conducted all after the third debate. in minnesota, a new "star tribune" poll finds that nap narrowing, surprisingly, with the president holding just a three-point lead over romney. i'm going to explain this phenomenon in a minute. much more breathing room for the president in california. however, a usc poll shows the president up 14 points, 54% to romney's 40%. we're seeing a lot of lean blue or solid blue states is romney overperforming mccain's numbers all over the place. that is why this idea, the battlegrounds are n
to do his job. by comparison in the next four days, hurricane sandy will replace mitt romney, does he have momentum or not story as the lead of nearly every swing state newspaper and newscast. the lead story will not be something that goes along like today, romney took his message of change to fill in the blank. and finally, the storm could put a premium on mechanics. and while the romney campaign is certainly a lot better than john mccain's 2008 operation, the more this race focuses on mechanics, the better it is probably for the obama campaign. asked whether the storm could affect early voting, the president said that remains to be seen. >> we don't anticipate that at this point, but we're obviously going to take a look. >>> well, it's the october surprise. that we know. and the thing we don't know is what is exactly the impact going to be? we've got a lot of storm coverage to get to, and we'll get to that next. we'll go to point pleasant beach, new jersey. the storm is already kicking up serious waves there. we'll also head to florida. a state that knows storms well. that's where t
there are a lot of people who are fired up, who recognize we deserve better than what we've seen the past four years, who are going to get out there and vote on tuesday. >> obviously you feel they will vote for mitt romney? >> yes, i do. i think a lot of young people are looking for solutions when we've seen the unemployment, i mean, young people under age 30 represent 40% of the unemployed population. we're frustrated. we're looking for more job opportunities and we see that in the romney/ryan ticket. >> do you think the youth vote will turn out in force this year, and if so, why do you think they will still be in support of barack obama? >> well, i definitely think 2008 was a watershed year once in a moment for our generation when it came to voting for obama. i think they'll turn out again because we have concerns about this country. we are optimistic about the direction, in the sense we know it has to get better from here. i think they'll turn out for obama. when he came into office, employment was at 10:00, now at 7.8%. young people are interested in issues concerning people of color, lgbt
. "politicsnation" starts right now with al sharpton. >>> thanks, chris, and thanks to you for tuning in. four days until election day. the real clear politics shows president obama with 47.4% in national polls, mitt romney has 47.3% the new york times 538 blog says that if the election were held today, the president would win 303 electoral votes and romney would win 235. 270 are needed to win the white house. the times blog gives the president an 81% chance of winning the election. romney has a 19% chance. and as of tonight, 25 million people have already voted but long lines are creating a serious situation in some parts of florida. yes, florida all over again. some people are waiting three hours or more to vote and we will be asking why governor rick scott in florida is refusing to extend hours as his predecessors have done. but we start with tonight's lead. the closer. just four days to go and president obama is sprinting to the finish line with a passionate pitch to ohio voters and he's doing so by dismantling governor romney's rationale in this race one line of the obama argument, i am the gu
as it was four or eight years ago. >> greta: bob, what about benghazi. governor romney doesn't mention it, his surrogates do and we certainly discussed it here. any bearing at all on this? >> i think slight. not a lot. if you are on the fence benghazi certainly does not help the president. the president has been focusing on osama bin laden and the fact that he is dead. benghazi if you are on the fence maybe you vote against the president. but one way or the other a lot of people are for romney or obama and nobody is changing their mind. >> coming up, vice president biden taking a stab at late night tv comedy. you will see how did he, that'n next. , posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save
four years haven't worked and that mitt romney is the only one with a plan to turn things around. >> i want the election over with us i want to win it. i want to start moving forward. i want to stop this regression that we are in. economic recession. the silly transformation of america obama has undertaken. we want to get busy and start reversing this. the enthusiasm and momentum there is no question where it is. it is for romney. >> presidential elections unlike any other come down to character. character. character. character is the most important ingredient a president must possess to lead a great nation and lead the world and it is clear who has character and it is clear who doesn't have character. >> my guy, be barack obama, he's got characteristic. >>> we need a leader to clear the barriers. we need a leader to get behind our people. to get behind progrowth proven solutions to get people back to work. real recovery and that means we elect mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> they are excited today because unemployment didn't go back to 8%. it is 7.9%. they shou
that moved away. so where he had at 206, 206 to 201, now 191. and let's turn now tto of romney who needs to win north carolina. he is still up in the polls by a significant margin, but four points. yesterday it was more than five. we have that. romney would need also to win, just as before, the state of florida, 29 votes. let's get that. and he is up two points in florida. he also needs virginia where he is up by one point. let's go there. he is building 248. colorado, where both candidates are tied up right now 48-48. we will give that to governor romney as well. we will move that into his column, 257. president obama right now is up by two in iowa, what the purpose of this scenario we will assumed that governor romney wins. i'm sure you won't argue. he also needs nevada where president obama right now is up by two and a half points. we are giving that to governor romney. see how this scenario plays out. the president would have to take the state of michigan where he is up by four points. let's give those 15 points to him. wisconsin where he is up by two. this is oe of the most -- obvio
four years ago, and a state mitt romney would really love to have in his column ten days from now. everybody would love to have every single state in their column. so why is virginia -- first of all, how are you doing? why is virginia so important to the election? >> reporter: i'm doing great, we'll talk to students at washington university in just a bit. virginia is one of the three big swing states, florida, virginia, ohio, the path of the battleground bus that we have been on. virginia is fascinating, because president obama was the first democrat to win it since lyndon johnson, in 1964. the population is growing, more diverse now. now the population growth, frankly well to the north of virginia was to his benefit in 2008. right now, the economy here in virginia, pretty good compared to the rest of the country, 8% national. so this is a place democrats hope they could win again. it is tight, they have a very competitive senate race. every vote counts. it is really about the ground game. >> they were going after every single demographic that they can get. young people, old peopl
bit, well, either obama or romney would be farther ahead. but this report comes four days before election day. the entire campaign, really both campaigns, are premised on the notion of either the economy is growing or it's not growing. either jobs are coming back or it's not coming back. the assumption among most economists who are looking at this is that the establishment survey, the survey of the employers, will show about 125,000 new jobs created in october. and th and that the unemployment rate will stay close to what it was, about 7. %. the real issue is the direction of the unemployment report. if it looks like things continue to get a little bit better, that improves obama's chances. that improves the president's chances. if it looks like things are getting worse, however, that really does lend some credence to former governor romney's view that things are not what they should be. >> professor, what about sandy? any disruption it could add to the accuracy of the reading, the jobs report itself? >> the surveys were done before sandy. i don't expect sandy is going to have mu
, new hampshire, iowa, colorado, and wisconsin over the next 96 hours. mitt romney will be in many of those same states over the next four days, although he's hitting pennsylvania and bypassing florida. president obama back on the trail yesterday after a three-daybreak to oversee the storm recovery. he rallied a crowd of about 10,000 people in colorado making a not-so-subtle jab at his opponent's tendency to change his mind. >> after four years as president, you know me by now. you know me. you may not agree with every decision i make. you may be frustrated at the pace of change. i always remind people that when we did the auto bailout, only 10% of the country approved of it. including, by the way, folks in michigan and ohio. but you know what i believe. you know where i stand. you know i'm willing to make tough decisions even when they're not politically convenient. >> and mitt romney returned to his pre-hurricane attack mode in virginia yesterday. there, mr. romney blasted the president for suggesting in an interview with "morning joe" this week that he's considering creating a n
four years. >> steve: meanwhile what, is governor romney saying in the final days to convince people, hey, let's get a new guy in there? >> well, obviously both campaigns are going to be look very closely at these jobs numbers due out in an hour and a half from now. obviously if they're lack luster, than governor romney will say this is part of the argument for why he thinks it is time for a change. so governor knee and obviously -- romney and obviously the president will be watching closely and we'll get their reaction later. but here is a sample of governor romney's closing argument. >> got to find something to suggest it's going to be better over the next four years. so he came up with an idea last week, which is he's going to create the department of business. [ laughter ] i don't think adding a new chair in his cabinet will help add millions of jobs on main street. >> so that's part of romney's final pitch essentially, that president obama's ideas are to add another bureaucrat not payroll to figure out creating jobs and why not hire a guy who has a business background to be the
on the campaign trail. take us through some of the highlights from today. >> reporter: earlier today mitt romney spoke in wisconsin and he called this his closing argument. >> words are cheap. a record is real and it's earned. real change is not measured in words. real change is measured in achiefments and four years ago candidate obama promised so very much but he's fallen. >> reporter: as for the president he argues it comes down to trust. >> you may be frustrated sometimes by the pace of change but you know what i believe. you know where i stand. you know i tell the truth. you know i will fight for your families every single day. you know that. >> reporter: as if there wasn't enough political news out there today there's this brand-new cnn/orc that shows president obama has a slight lead over mitt romney so it's a dead heat there. >> thank you for that report. >> four square is trying to do its part to get people to vote. it's launched a new app called "i voted." app users must have a primary four square account to use this service. >>> all right. i'm wyatt everhart. we continue to watch the
romney not focusing on trust, saying look at the record. do you want another four years like what we've had? this is how he's teeing it up down the stretch. >> this is not the time to double down on the trickle-down policies that have failed us. it's time for new bold changes that measure up to the moment and that can bring american families the certainty that the future will be better than the past. >>> rachel brings up a good point. >> we're going to talk to governor kasich in a moment, 7% unemployment in that state. how much credit does the president deserve for improving conditions in important battleground states? >> well, that important battleground state has a republican governor. that's done exactly the opposite of what obama claims he's going to do. that is he's lowered taxes and closed budget deficits. but i actually find the trust argument very odd. because president obama promised that we would have 4.2% economic growth right now. we have 2%. he promised an unemployment rate that would be far below where it is today. he hasn't delivered on his promises. on the issue of tr
four more years to finish the job he started in virginia mitt romney attacked the president's proposal to create a cabinet level of secretary of business. he said the nation doesn't mean a business secretary it needs a president who just understands business. >>> new poll shows public support for governor brown's tax measure remains below 50%. the latest poll shows prop 30 as 48% support, 38% opposed the director of the poll says there appears to be enough to swing prop 30 to victor. governor brown is in san francisco today make a -- making a last minute push for prop 30 his second bay area visit in a week: >>> if it looked like there were a million people at the giants victory parade that's there were. the city just released new crowd statistics more than a million people attended yesterday's parade honoring the giants' world series win. record number of people relied on bart to get there. officials say nearly 600,000 used bart clobbering the old record set during the last parade. with so many in one place, san francisco police say it made 22 arrests. 22 out of a million. >> we did pr
to give him four more years to finish the job he started in virginia mitt romney attacked the president's proposal to create a cabinet level of secretary of business. he said the nation doesn't mean a business secretary it needs a president who just understands business. >>> new poll shows public support for governor brown's tax measure remains below 50%. the latest poll shows prop 30 as 48% support, 38% opposed the director of the poll says there appears to be enough to swing prop 30 to victor. governor brown is in san francisco today make a -- making a last minute push for prop 30 his second bay area visit in a week: >>> if it looked like there were a million people at the giants victory parade that's there were. the city just released new crowd statistics more than a million people attended yesterday's parade honoring the giants' world series win. record number of people relied on bart to get there. officials say nearly 600,000 used bart clobbering the old record set during the last parade. with so many in one place, san francisco police say it made 22 arrests. 22 out of a million. >
four dead americans to take down romney. the minute romney backed off, they disappeared and helped go along with it. >> eric: may, i please. >> andrea: not all of them. >> can you at least agree with us that these networks should be covering this story? >> bob: yes, they should. >> eric: why aren't they? >> bob: i have no idea. i assume they're part of the grand conspiracy and coverup going on an meet in the white house every morning and get directions of what they are supposed to come in the news. you decided "new york times" somebody who got intelligence on the ground and evidence on the ground. the "new york times" had a reporter on the ground who said that this attack was a terrorist attack, this group was one of many who said they had some connection with al-qaeda. this group did see the video. did get upset about it. you can say the "new york times" and cite what they say and the other things. >> eric: back to the video. next on the rundown, romney doesn't normally sit down with gossip magazines but the president pops up in them day after day. which strategy is more becoming of
twice in the next four days, steve governor romney goes to new hampshire. only four electoral votes. if you look at map and what if scenarios, new hampshire could determine all this. obviously the president winner there by nine points over senator mccain. go ahead, steve. >> the number of times i played with these electoral maps come up with totals that are 271 to 267 is frighting. so new hampshire certainly could make a big if did recognize. you look at governor romney's team. talk to republicans and they think he has got momentum. there is public polling in recent days shown him doing well in new hampshire. sometimes with a slight lead. so they're feeling pretty good about new hampshire. bill: thank you, steve. martha: boy, that is fascinating. we'll see where this is going. we are just hearing from governor romney, his reaction to the new jobs number that came in. his response and live on the campaign trail with the governor coming up next. bill: also, martha, there are questions about how the obama administration handled the terror attack in libya in the early hours and days. se
at the community level. this isn't what the central government does for people. >> narrator: romney served four years as a bishop and many more as a senior mormon leader. then he decided to turn to politics. >> the reason mormons do get interested in public service comes out of a sense that we have a mission. >> narrator: for romney and other mormons, america holds a special place. >> i think romney has a deep commitment to the united states and to the americas, because mormons do believe it's a holy land and honor the constitution as coming from god. >> we believe that the united states of america is that place that had to be free so that god could bring truth back to earth. and we revere it for that purpose. >> and joseph smith even alluded to the united states constitution being... its framers being inspired, the constitution as an inspired document, not quite scripture but somewhere in that league. >> narrator: some mormons say mitt's political ambition may be connected to his faith. >> the kingdom of god is to be built on earth, and we all are to take part in doing that. so when somebody s
up in a very close electoral race. but if mitt romney does move to four five points nationally, it would be a huge electoral victory. we are waiting to see if the incumbent gets a kick historically. we still have libya and what i consider the october surprise, potentially. megyn: i need a quick answer, but how do you see this storm playing out a letter -- electorally? >> the president desperately needs a game changer. we just need to play this out and get everybody safe and dry. megyn: everyone needs to be prepared. outside of the fox news studios moments ago. [laughter] here he is. we appreciate it. i don't say this lightly, but it's hard for people to get here. the bridges and tunnels are being shut down. the mass transit is being shut down. but there is an election eight days away. an important story. to a huge story, megyn. megyn: thank you so much. towns under water, people without power, in seaside heights, new jersey, the ocean is coming on shore at a frightening rate. we will show you next the pictures that we are getting. some of them are incredible. we will speak with
four show romney ahead. four others showed the race tied. you say mitt romney is ahead in your tracking polls. guest: i think the model most of them are using is the 2008 model and that was an unusual election. host: in terms of sampling? guest: yes. we know the intensity level -- first of all, of voting dropped off substantially in 20008. the president won ohio by 4.16% of the vote. we think that model -- we do not believe they have matched and that intensity this year. we think it has shifted into the republican camp. if you look at the counties around our major metropolitan areas, this is where we are substantially outperforming. host: i want to ask you -- we have been talking about hurricane sandy and its effects this morning. do you think it will have an impact on ohio at all? guest: it certainly has had an impact in northern ohio. i live in the city of cleveland and was without electricity from monday to just yesterday. there are still 70,000 folks out. that does not even compared to the problems that new jersey and new york and the eastern sea coast had. i think we've feel pretty
that connects the economy in the states that matter. >> carly, you have governor romney not focusing on trust. do you want another four years like we have had. >> this is not the time to double down and trickle down on policies that failed us. it's time for bold changes that measure up to the moment and bring america's families up that the future will be better than the past. >> rachel brings up a good point focusing on ohio. 7% unemployment in that state. how much credit does the president deserve for improving conditions in battleground states? >> that important state has a republican governor that's done the opposite of what obama claims he's going to do. he's lowered taxes and closed budge elt deficits. i find the trust comment hard. president obama promised we would have 4.2% economic growth right now. we have 2%. he promised an unemployment rate lower than we have. on the issue of trust, what is going on with regard to libya. we have an extraordinary thing where the president comes out on friday and says i directed that everything possible should be done to aid our embassy under attack.
that mitt romney's a bs'er? >> he wants four more years. >> he's created more racial division than any administration in history. >> oh, come on. come on. >> oh, come on. let me go to joy on this thing. i know i pushed this point, but every day it becomes truer. every day you see the thread collected, the language used, the way they talk about the president, not as a democrat, not as a liberal, not as someone they disagree with, but someone about whom the very person is wrong for the office somehow. what do you think they're talking about? endlessly. >> exactly. and this is about over and over again tweaking the archie bunker crowd. this is about that angry guy, we all known him in the neighborhood, because, look, if this was just about barack obama or his policies, colin powell wouldn't magically get sucked into it, too. we wouldn't be hearing sarah palin talking about shucking and jiving. how much more obvious do they have to be? this is about trying to run up romney's numbers among low information blue collar white voters, particularly older white voters who are already uncomfortabl
] the exact same rights. just picture the supreme court after four years of president romney. ladies and gentlemen, they have made it clear that they also have a different view on foreign-policy. when we entered iraq, they said bishop of kept 30,000 troops -- when we ended the war in iraq, they said we should have kept 30,000 troops there. they refused to commit to an end date. and they openly opposed a signing of an arms control treaty with russia that other republicans urged that we ratified. now the governor is running away from everything he said in the last year and a half. the congressmen is running away from everything he voted for. i am not making this up. this is real. ladies and gentlemen, they are now abandoning the central tenet of their party's agenda. the accounting on the american people to have an overwhelming case of amnesia on november 6. all of a sudden romney claims he does not hea $5 trillion tax cut that will raise taxes for the middle-class to the president has a new term for it, he calls a what? romnesia.' it is the most accurate term i have heard in a while.
shows the race in virginia is getting closer. president obama leads mitt romney by four points. 51% to 47%. president obama, a nod from "the new york times," the paper's editorial board is endorsing him for a second term. and mitt romney, another endorsement of his own. "the des moines register" supporting the republican nominee for president. joining me now, deputy political direct for for "the washington most," anne cornerbl blue. i do want to tell you that it was not a pretty picture as i was getting miked up and finishing makeup. i was on the phone with rick green of the vice president and editor of "the des moines register." they are not putting him out here today to elaborate on their decision and why they came to this decision to endorse mitt romney, he did tell me, bottomline, it was a lot of discussion. that newspaper believes if you look had 40 years from now, a thoughtful, long-term approach to make a robust economy. they felt mitt romney got the nod that way, and governor romney had a better set of tools to break through the gridlock in washington, d.c. a lot of specula
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